van Husen


Digging and digging and digging and digging and digging and digging day and night they expand the dead hole in Mordor. On behalf of the capitalism of the ‘higher, faster, further’ they destroy, non-stop. At the edge of the pit a small forest a fortress of rebellion, that crouches and waits and struggles and despairs to then gain hope again with the next halt of clearings. Non-stop? No, lunch break is a must, and a bit of time off on Sundays. Just as it should be for a good, local, Christian employer. Christian? Good? Sunday coffee and football are all that remain – when the weekly workload is complete. The church in Manheim is destroyed, the neighbouring house razed to the ground, and Mordor has grown a little again. The weekly work digs metre by metre by metre by metre deeper into nature always working hard until NOTHING is left. Just destruction and a penny in the bank.
Step by step this fight must go. Metre by metre by metre by metre, to save this forest and its residents of nature. It embodies freedom and fear. The forest may be small but it is huge. No freedom without fear, no fear without struggle, no struggle without patience. No patience without – Hey, we don’t have forever! Because the forest urgently needs help. And this system of destruction, too. And that’s why we don’t have time in the fight against climate change while the clocks in the forest sometimes stop. It’s paradoxical – like so much here in Hambi. In this place of hope and struggle for a better world. Without diggers, without diggers, without diggers, without diggers. With freedom at the end of the tunnel.


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